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Amateur Teen Self Pics
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Dirty Nude Slut Taking Horny Mirror Pics

I promised we’d be going nude next, and I keep my promises!  Sure the last Latina hottie was way cute, and fucking sexy to boot, but she needed to show more skin!  Well this gal has no problem with baring it all!  This dirty little whore comes straight from the pages of Obsessed With Myself, so if you thought only good girls like to show off their body there, then I’m happy to prove you wrong!

Not that she’s going hardcore or anything like that, but this slutty blonde had no qualms getting completely naked for the camera, and we’re reaping the bounty.  She spreads her legs while taking dirty mirror pics, and all I can say is Hallelujah!  It’s nice to see pussy from a dirty camwhore once in while, specially when you know how much fun they have being skanky!  I wouldn’t be surprised if she climbed onto the bathroom sink and fingered her twat silly.  That’s how sure I am that this gal is a real slut!

Sexy Latina Named Daniella

I don’t know why I don’t post more hot Latinas on this blog.  I mean there are so many of them who like posing for self pics just as much as the average blonde, brunette, Asian or black chick.  Or maybe I do post some, but don’t know if they’re Latina or not.  Well, from the title of the folder on the site she’s on, I definitely know that this one is, and I’m, putting her up here for all to enjoy.  This lovely chica has a ton of pics on that site, because she loves her body and doesn’t mind showing it off one bit!  Check her out in these non-nude naughty pics from Watch My GF just to whet your appetite.  Don’t worry, I’ll be posting nudies next time! LOL

Sexy Trio of Big-Tittied Teens

Okay, this time I’ll update this blog with not one, not two, but three selfpic-happy honeys!  The reason for this magnanimity?  Just because I saw these three titty-licious pics and couldn’t decide which one of these hot busty babes to post!  I bet you guys wish that would happen more often, because you get to benefit from my indecision.  Well first off we have a buxom teen showing her luscious cleavage in a pink bra, and that’s just a taste of the  jugg-ernaut of a hard-on you’ll be getting from this post!

Then we go from that cleavage pic to another cleavage pic, this time from lovely Layton.  Yes, they do send in their names sometimes to these sites, specially when it’s an irate ex-boyfriend who sends in their dirty pics!  She’s the topless one who’s struggling to hide her juicy melons form the camera.  As if we can’t use our imaginations.  Her bountiful breasts are positively overflowing from her clenched hands, and besides that, she’s not wearing any panties!

If it weren’t for this last big-breasted babe, I’d consider her the pick of the three.  But this pouty selfshooter just looks so hot taking that mirror pic of herself with her cellphone.  And her large boobs are just much rounder and firmer than Layton’s.  Those big tits are truly drool-worthy and I consides this hot teen to be the winner in this breasty battle.  But I still love ‘em all!  And I’m sure you will too, if you check out the jugg-alicious options they have over on Obsessed With Myself.  Just sign up, and picck ‘big tits’ as your search filter and off you go into their wonderful melon patch!

Cute Blonde Teen In A Pink Top Strips Naked

Hot blonde teens, how can you get enough of them?  And there’s such a variety of blonde hotties to choose from, like the beach blonde babe or the dumb blonde cheerleader.  There’s even the hot blonde MILF if you like the older ladies.  And while I appreciate their experience, I still prefer the sheer exuberance and sexual appetite of hot blonde teens like this gal!

I think she’s leaning towards the cute blonde emo babe category, because of her hairstyle, but aren’t they all doing that these days?  Aside from her sexy blonde-ness, the other thing I like about her is her juicy tits!  She’s pretty full in the chest, and it’s always easy to appreciate the beauty of a babe like that when you’ve got tittylicious selfpics to go through.

And yes, I’ll be going through quite a few, because she’s got a whole series of them over on Watch My GF!  Check out that site and I challenge you not to get turned on at all the sexy teen content that they have…

Sexy Goth’s Awesome Panties

I like goth girls.  Not for their music, but there’s something about their fashion style that’s kinda hot. The dark, black hair (or platinum blonde hair, I’m not choosy) and eyeliner.  The sexy lace lingerie (sometimes worn on the outside!)  And sometimes they can be a bit geeky too, which is a plus in my book.  Like this lovely example right here.  She obviously loves taking sexy selfpics (another turn on for all of us at this site), and we can see her hot lingerie.  But it’s more than hot, it’s simply awesome.  Those sexy lace panties with the skull belt are pure win!

I’d love to see her with those panties off though, she looks like she’s got a nice, shaved pussy.  And I’ll be honest, she does take them off (and she does have a shaved pussy), but you’ll have to see those pics at the Obsessed With Myself website!  Don’t cry, you can still enjoy her hot pics here on this site, but of course there’s more nudity of the selfshooting kind over on Obsessed With Myself.  That’s just the way things work, right?

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